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nano technology

Our nano technology contains electrically charged particles, that employ an active spiked shield attracting offending microbes that carry an opposite charge. This action draws in the offending microbes to our antimicrobial shield and when contact is made with our sword like nanotechnology, piercing the outer shell of the offending microbe, impales it and finally delivers an electrical charge, destroying it on contact.

Advanced Protection

Our family of antimicrobial products are formulated with our exclusive “Sabretech QS” technology, forming an enhanced shield that protects against harmful stain odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungi. After it is applied, they even withstand multiple cleanings from harsh disinfectants – even bleach. Our products are EPA registered and FDA approved and made in the USA.

Trusted performance

We are dedicated to providing products of exceptional performance, quality and value that serve to improve the health and well-being of all living things! This is our pledge to you. We will maintain stable pricing irrespective of exceptional events and market conditions that create instability and turmoil in our country and world, that may lead to higher than normal demand for our products.


  • Protective barrier that reduces risk of cross contamination on high touch surfaces.

  • Promotes lower ATP scores (Adenosine Triphosphate).

  • Cured treatments remain effective in the presence of bleach between applications.

  • Available in various bottle, bucket, tote and tanker quantities.

  • The confidence of years of safe and effective use.

  • Used successfully in high performance applications where safety and performance are paramount for a more protected environment.

  • Industry leading durable efficacy.

Our Products

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