About Us


Antimicrobial Solutions, LLC is a privately held company with our corporate office based in Delray Beach, Florida, and warehouse located in Ft. Pierce Florida. Our products are proudly made in the USA. Jeffrey Spilfogel, COO, founder of Antimicrobial Solutions was part of the Clearstream technologies, LLC (developers and formulation owner’s) team dating back to 2009. Spending years with the team, Mr. Spilfogel assisted with bringing forth, these advanced long-lasting and effective antimicrobial technologies.

Harry Zuker, CEO, founder of Antimicrobial Solutions and a successful businessman in commercial real estate ownership, brokerage and management, inventor and manufacturer of lighting for healthy environments. Mr. Zuker possesses an MBA in Health Administration from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. He is on the Board of Directors of Florida Business Development Corporation and active with the Alzheimer’s Association and American Diabetes Association.

Our products have been successfully deployed in the marketplace and tested for efficacy and have received FDA approvals and EPA (# 92057-3) certifications. Our product lineage dates back over 45 years, where the original formulation developed by Dow Chemical. Our team continues to work toward continued advancements in antimicrobial surface protection technologies.


We are happy to help guide you to the products you need for your industry.